Hurt Hand Finger StretchMaybe you burn easily, or are hiding from allergens. Maybe you’re stuck behind a desk. Or maybe you’re getting out, but instagraming and tweeting you’re every move.

Either way, we’re almost all suffering from it: phone cramps. Using a cell phone (or keyboard, etc.) is a fine motor skill, and, done enough, can cause pain, cramping, sore or achy muscles, and even nerve damage. (Not just tech: knitting and other fine, repetitive behaviors can do it too).

It’s better addressed sooner than later. Either by catching it before it starts, or fixing it before it goes too far.

First, prevention. Take breaks! And during those breaks, stretch in the opposite direction. Gently pull your fingers back, one by one, then your wrists. Stretch your arms out, and rotate your shoulders.

At the end of the day, do more stretches. If you have cramps, aches, or pains, there’s a number of ways to relieve them:

A first line of defense is Dakota Muscle Relief. It applies a hot/cold sensation with a brief burst of peppermint that quickly dissipates.

Then, massage. You don’t have to spend for one, just rub each arm and hand looking for knots that formed while you were lost in the latest hip phone app.

Guard against tendonitis. If you think you’re getting it, pull back on your time spent using your hands, and if you’re still in pain after a few weeks, see a doctor. You can support your body against the inflammation that signals tendinitis by eating an antioxidant rich diet (lots of fruits and veggies) or by getting a boost with a supplement like Longevity Formula, which harnesses the super antioxidants found in Acai and Maqui Berries.

Switching from thumb to index finger can give you a break, as can using the voice-recognition feature on your phone.

What steps do you take against arm and hand pain?


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