Casual Exercise ManStaying active? Whether you’re hiking, swimming, running, or just getting out a lot, make sure you’re supporting your body, especially your heart and muscles!

Before heading out, give your muscles a stretch. It’s great if you can do yoga regularly, but okay if you just want to look up a quick routine tailored to your activity. Research suggests this is a great way to reduce the risk of injury (and that totally makes sense! After all, you’re improving flexibility, balance, and more!). Yoga-style stretching (instead of just grabbing your toes a bunch of different ways) can also help more than just your muscles, stimulating your lymph system and more.

When out, make sure you have lots of water. Between sweating, exercising your muscles, and summer heat, you’ll be cramping hard later if your don’t sip a steady stream of water (yep, sip—it’s the best way to hydrate. Chugging a glass will pass through you quickly—if you need to rehydrate in a pinch, try an electrolyte drink or coconut water).

If you come back feeling sore, try something natural, and absent the traditional synthetic “medicinal” smell—Dakota Muscle Relief. Bonus, it may also help to alleviate any heat rashes you pick up. With a fresh burst of peppermint, it’s a quick and pleasant way to soothe muscles.

If you have access to a shower, keeping it cool is a great way to reduce inflammation and take better care of your muscles.

And don’t forget nutritional support—during hot weather, we naturally eat less. Make sure you have a solid nutritional safety net, like a good multivitamin. To get more iron, 8 essential amino acids, essential fatty-acids and more, try Blu-Lina Organic Spirulina. Spirulina is a seaweed superfood that also has antioxidants, blood-supporting chlorophyll, and more.

What are your favorite summer sports?


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