Anxiety Computer ManIdeally, you should have a few breaks built into your day to help destress and decompress. Not only is it good for your brain and heart health, it can increase your productivity if done with intention and focus. And if you’re really looking for some support, check out out Depression, Stress, and Anxiety Pack.

But headlines have been particularly tough for everyone lately. And a few small studies (and anecdotes from doctors of all type) say that everyone is reporting not just distraction, but stress and anxiety. So while a little brain TLC and occasional check-ins on your mood are good, taking a big break from everything right now is necessary.

Where to start? Break apart your day and pull out the bad habits. High-calorie treats, mindless phone games and other empty distractions aren’t going to do much for you and may cause problems in the long run. Plus, they can be a big distraction rather than rejuvenation.

It’s easier to return to work if you set a goal/limit, and you’ll be less aimless and get more quality with boundaries and choice. So choose something you really want to do, not just a time filler, like a book chapter, an article, a piece of a hobby, a bit of exercise, or just planning for a bigger, later event.

Layer those fun things with good health habits. Little things, like a bit of movement/stretching or even just standing, a healthy snack (blueberries support gray matter), or just some deep, meditative breathing during your break.

If you need deeper, ongoing support, try out our Depression, Stress, and Anxiety Pack. It combines the brain support of colloidal gold with the mood support of D.S.A. Select. Use It to help find your balance naturally, and on your own timeline.

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