Why Everyone Should Take A Multivitamin

Minerals and Vitamins


Minerals and Vitamins
Natural Supplements

You may be eating right, exercising, and feeling pretty good, but adding natural supplements to your routine can improve your health, and help you avoid certain health complications from aging.


  1. Most of us don’t have perfect health, and can benefit by tailoring our health regimen to aid those parts that need it with natural supplements, whether it’s heart health, brain function, colon, bones, joint, or nerve support.
    1. A genetic consultant can tell you if you may have trouble later on.
    2. Helping your body function properly now can save you from trouble later.
  2. Vitamins for women are necessary at all stages of life.
    1. Talking a calcium supplement helps ensure strong bones now, and later in life. Fans of bubbly drinks should know that they may be losing bone mass. With age, the body is less forgiving, and so taking care of it from the beginning is of huge benefit.
    2. Women of childbearing age need to be getting enough nutrients, folic acid in particular, so that any children they may will not have easily prevented birth defects, like spina bifida.
    3. Older women can benefit from natural supplements, which can help with perimenopause and menopause systems by giving the body the means of regulating itself. It may also help those with irregular menstrual cycles.
  3. Vegans, and people with dietary intolerances (glucose, gluten, shell fish–a source of iodine) are more likely to have nutritional gaps, even with a careful diet.
    1. B12 is very hard to find from vegan sources, and so is virtually impossible to include in the diet without natural supplements.

Why do you take a multivitamin?


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