New research may indicate a future change in hospital guidelines to reduce mineral & vitamin deficiencies in kids. Vitamin deficiencies are surprisingly common, as vitamin deficiency symptoms may be subtle or blend into symptoms of other diseases (that may be triggered by mineral and vitamin deficiency!).

Waiting 3 minutes to clamp the umbilical cord after a baby is born could reduce iron deficiency in preschoolers by about 5%, and may help with other blood and vitamin deficiency symptoms. Previous guidelines (which were discarded years ago) indicated that the umbilical cord should be clamped immediately; currently there are no guidelines.

Iron deficiency in children is more serious than in adults; it can impair learning abilities, and healthy iron levels may be difficult to maintain in later years even with supplementation. Iron deficiency at any age can lead to an increased risk of infection.

Veganism can be another cause of anemia in kids without proper supplementation. Vitamin B12 is an essential nutrient that is only found in meat and supplements.

Other Mineral & Vitamin Deficiency Symptoms

Many nutrient guidelines suggest only the minimal amount to prevent vitamin deficiency, the optimal amount may be more. For best results (or if you suspect vitamin deficiency symptoms) consult a nutritionist.

  • Fatigue
  • Anxiety or Depression
  • Restless Leg Syndrome
  • Loss of Bone Density (Not just Calcium deficiency but Vitamin D, Phosphorous, and Magnesium)
  • Improper Function of Systems or Organs
  • Weakened Immune System

Long term vitamin deficiency can negatively affect organs, the nervous system, and other important bodily processes and lead to more severe symptoms.

Most people eat a healthy enough diet to avoid severe vitamin deficiency, but several conditions can impair nutrient absorption including large amounts of alcohol consumption, inflammatory bowel diseases, and not eating a varied enough diet (some nutrients compete with each other for absorption, and need to be balanced in the diet).

Vitamin supplements help round out diets, especially since there are also herbs and other ingredients not normally consumed that can help support optimal health.

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