The best way to workout is to find an active hobby you love, and do it every day—but that’s just not reasonable for everyone. Weather, work schedules, illness, and other responsibilities can eat up time, energy, and opportunities. Hearing constantly about the importance of exercise can get you down, but don’t let it! Because every little bit counts, and according to new research, once or twice a week workouts (like on weekends) may do a pretty good job of helping you maintain good health.

While you’re better off sneaking in 30 minutes of moderate exercise each weekday (and you can define moderate to your own abilities and doctor recommendation), getting two and a half hours in anywhere may work almost as well.

Of course there’s a catch: not exercising everyday can raise your risk of injury, or just cause more of that post-workout soreness that most people associate with a successful session. It’s the same problem that can occur with stretching: stretching decreases your risk of injury, but if you’re not used to the increased mobility and flexibility it gives and do it right before working out it may actually increase injury risk. To solve both problems, try and spend anywhere from 5-15 minutes stretching each day to get both the benefits of stretching and to help prepare your body for using muscles that are dormant during the workweek.

You can help combat the muscle aches from exercise by drinking lots of water (before, during, after), and eating nutritiously. For extra muscle support after a workout, try Body RLF (it can especially help if muscle cramps or tension bother you at night or cause insomnia). For instant muscle support, try Dakota Muscle Relief.

The secret to working out is that you need to enjoy it—don’t let muscle ache cramp your routine. Get on it naturally with Body RLF.

What makes working out easier for you? Share with us in the comments:


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