Drinking lots of water is important during a detox!

Detoxification is ridding the body of the build up of toxins, which could include pathogens, parasites, or heavy metals (like lead or too much iron). What is detoxification good for? Well, besides getting rid of all that junk, some people report feeling lighter/more energetic, having whiter pupils, and like they are digesting better.

But there are different kinds of detox, besides just doing a general detox. Some might wonder what is detoxification of the liver, gastrointestinal system, or how to detox to target specific health concerns like parasites and heavy metals.

How To Detox Safely

Many dietary detox plans are very similar to fasting, and should only be done under the watch of a nutritionist or healthcare provider. While many people report positive results with diets that revolve around a certain spice or formulation, the truth is the body needs energy and nutrients each day to perform correctly. Further, sick people or people with weakened immune systems may benefit from detoxing but not be able to do an extreme detox plan recommended by celebrities or fad diet gurus.

Using supplements can be a safer alternative, although it’s important to always read ingredient lists carefully, and check for interaction with any medications you may be taking. It’s also still important to detox under the guide of a health care practitioner, especially if there are other health concerns present.

How To Detox

The goals, priorties, and concerns of each person detoxing may be different. That said, here are ideas for how to detox generally:

Food: Artificial preservatives & ingredients, artificial color, soy, GMO (prime GMO suspects: soy, corn, canola, cottonseed) are some of the things people cut from their diets full time. Detoxers may also consider: processed/refined sugar, heavier fats, and meat-either temporarily or full time.


Systemic Enzymes are enzymes that support health throughout the body. Taken regularly or as part of a detox, they can help support overall health, and may reduce inflammation, bruising, pain from injury, and scaring by supporting the body’s ability to heal.

Colon CLNz: Detox often begins with the GI Tract, where most toxins enter the body. Colon CLNz supports detox of the gastrointestinal system as well as colon health.

Organ Specific:
The liver and kidneys are responsible for much of the detox that happens in the body. Supporting their health supports overall health, and focusing a detox on accumulated toxins in this area may also benefit overall health.

Liver CLNz Pack: Designed specifically to help cleanse the liver during detox. It contains herbs that have been traditionally used to support and detox the liver like milk thistle, and is organized in packs to specifically help the detoxer.

Uri.Sys. Ass’t: Supports the cleansing and detox of the urinary tract, which includes the kidneys.

Toxin Specific:
How to detox toxins can be tricky, as they build up constantly through environmental exposure.

Parasites: Stomach troubles of an unknown source could be a parasite. Para Clnz DTXx helps support the body at ridding parasites.

Heavy Metals: Zeolite is thought to strip cells of toxins, and taken with humic and fulvic minerals (ancient minerals made up of the remains of ancient forests) cells can be both cleansed and replenished.

How Do You Detox? Share your tips in the comments!


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