Airport 2Cold and flu season is supposed to be mild this year, and that’s good news for all. Just don’t fall into these other winter pitfalls that could get you sick:

Peak hour holiday shopping. Don’t let the lure of a good deal get you into the crowd. You’re upping your exposure to illness by at least 100x. (Especially if you, or other shoppers, waited up all night in the cold in order to be first in line!). And that’s not to mention that some stores even have trampling issues on Black Friday.

Look for deals online—many stores are already offering discounts this week (and Cyber Monday is just around the corner—make sure you’re signed up to receive newsletters from your favorite online retailers, hint, hint).

Traveling. It may be unavoidable, but you can make it easier on yourself by being prepared. Read up on your airlines policies (when to get there, fees, boarding policy, etc.), so you aren’t rushed and stressed when you get to the airport (stress can really tank your immune system, and an airport is a horrible place to have a weakened immune system!).

If you’re driving, plan your route, check for closures, and check your tires and engines before leaving. Then pack some healthy snacks and lots of water. Have a plan so you aren’t driving tired (Thanksgiving is a short holiday for many people, make sure you have enough time to safely make the drive).

Don’t forget to pack a mini health kit—aspirin or whatever you prefer, thermometer, and colloidal silver.

Family stress. Prepare yourself for your crazy aunt, looney cousins, whoever it is (we know there’s at least one in every tree) and prepare to not engage. Stress, especially after traveling, (and being in a new locale with new germs) could send you over the edge so that you return to work on Monday bleary eyed and wheezy.

Not getting enough sunshine. You can make up your Vitamin D in your daily multivitamin, but that sunshine will really cut your stress and depression levels!

What else do you think helps get you sick during the winter?


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