Fridge WomanOccasionally, studies come out saying you don’t really need multivitamins. Mostly, these studies are looking at the quality of vitamins you can buy at the grocery store—unreliable ingredients, low quality ingredients, lots of fillers. But a high quality multivitamin will ensure you get all the nutrients you need. (Which you can only get from a very healthy, diverse diet).

Most doctors will recommend everyone take a multivitamin—why? Because doctors interact with their patients, and the truth is only 1 in 10 people regularly eats enough fruit and vegetables.

It becomes even more important to take a multivitamin as we age—natural changes occur that affect how well we absorb nutrients, and we can develop deficiencies. We might feel symptoms of these deficiencies like fatigue, depression, confusion, memory loss, and even dementia. To make things even harder, our doctors might recommend a special diet for other health reasons—low fat, low cholesterol, low salt, or high or low protein requirements—making eating the right foods with enough variety a challenge.

In addition to taking a multivitamin, you can improve your diet by joining a seniors club or other group.

It can take time to adjust to a healthy diet—many people grew up on steak and potatoes, canned veggies, and sugared fruits, so eating lean meats, whole grains, and fresh fruits and veggies can shock the palate a bit at first! But over time it will become natural, and you’ll notice the difference in energy levels and overall health and wellbeing. While you adjust, and even after—as a safety net—be sure to take a multivitamin like Welltrient One Vita One.

What foods have you learned to love?


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