Woman with HeartPrevious studies have shown that 30-somethings are at a higher risk for stroke than most people think—and that they shouldn’t ignore the signs, and should be familiar with F.A.S.T. (Facial symmetry, Arm (can you lift them both?), Speech, Time).

Here’s something else to be aware of: young people are at a higher risk for heart attacks than most people assume.

Especially if there’s a strong family history, young people need to be aware of, and not ignore, the signs of a heart attack. Woman in particular are prone to dismiss them.

Pain, dizziness, numbness, the sensation of pressure, or squeezing can be heart attacks symptoms. And don’t think it’s just limited to your chest or left arm, it could be either arm or both, your upper back, your chest, neck, jaw, or stomach. Women are more likely to have non-traditional (meaning not often portrayed in film) symptoms, like shortness of breath, jaw pain, and nausea.

One of the things that keep people from the doctor is worrying about a false alarm. Again, the risk is higher than you think, and if you don’t catch a heart attack, you might catch early heart disease, or other problems like angina.

It’s also a big reminder to take good care of your heart. A healthy diet, exercise, and extra support from a good, antioxidant rich multivitamin may pay off sooner than you think!

Are you surprised about the cardiovascular risk for younger people?


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