Prep Pets For Spring


Dog in TowelHow many times have you visited the doctor in the last 7 years? They say you should keep that in mind when caring for pets—especially elderly pets. So here’s a reminder that all your cats and dogs need a yearly vet appointment.

Make sure they’re up to date on all their preventative medications, especially for worms. Spring and summer is a time when pests can deliver parasites like worms to your pets, who can then become a delivery mechanism to your home.

Besides visiting the vent, in many parts of the country it’s getting warm enough to be time for some preventative measures:

1) Avoid letting pets out during sunrise and sunset twilight hours, when mosquitoes are at their peak.

2) Check pets for tick bites, especially if you take them on a hike. Pets can bring ticks into the house, putting all members at risk for tick borne illnesses like Lyme Disease.

3) Add a little colloidal silver to your pets’ water bowl (you can do this year round!). It will help protect their immune system, especially if you’ll have them spending a lot of time outdoors.

4) Watch outdoor cats for signs of feline leukemia virus, which is spread between cats.

What other steps fo you take to protect your pets’ health?


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