Five Fall Must Dos


AutumnIf you’re like me (and many others) fall marks the start of a health decline. Sure, we made our resolutions to be healthier in January, we worked on our swim suit bodies in spring, and we stayed active all summer.

But now comes the siren call of autumn… the weather is cold, the fireplace warm, the cider and cocoa hot in our hands. Candy for Halloween, pies for Thanksgiving, cookies for Christmas. The traditions of fall beg us to sit back and pack on the calories.

So, here are five new traditions you can use to stay healthy this fall:

– Go for a walk, or better yet, a hike. The leaves are changing, the sun glitters, and it’s a beautiful time to get out. As long as you aren’t fighting mold allergies, through on some walking shoes and stretch your legs (and bring a friend!).

– If allergies do have you down, try walking the mall. You can get your holiday shopping done early, meet friends for lunch, or just enjoy the decorations.

– Don’t stop doing yard work. You’ve got leaves to scrape, bushes to trim, seeds to collect. If you get snow, you’ll have shoveling. It doesn’t have to be all work. Collect leaves for a picture frame, build snowmen, go sledding.

– Skip the boxes in your baking aisle. Get your arms tired kneading dough, rolling cookies, and carrying those bags of flour. If your going to eat it, you might as well work to make it.

– Hit the indoor gym or rec center. They tend to be less busy in the fall, so if you’ve never tried going now is the perfect time.

What are your fall must dos?


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