For minor aches, pains, sprains, and even headaches and migraines, you can go au naturale with regard to pain relief: just use a little Dakota Muscle Relief.

Pain relief is a hot issue these days, and it can be harder than ever to get a doctor to take concerns seriously. What might seem mild to them can be seriously disruptive to your own life, when minor aches prevent you from sitting comfortably, sleeping, or create a chronic, pulsing underlying issue that eventually leads to mood and personality changes—for the worse.

Take matters into your own hands and work through as many of the minor ouches as you can. Dakota Muscle Relief works wonders on its own, using a hot then cool sensation and fresh peppermint scent to quickly alleviate aches (with more natural and fewer overall ingredients than similar in store brands, which have frightening ingredient lists!). Dakota Muscle Relief also works wonderfully with other muscle relaxation methods, like stretching, or after a hot soak or massage. Add it to your tool chest and get relief from muscle tension, knots, and sprains.

When your head hurts, tension, migraines, and that general pressure-squeeze can also be alleviated by Dakota Muscle Relief. Apply it to your shoulders and neck, or even your temples and breathe deep on the fresh peppermint smell and after a few minutes, the pain will be less.

Which Dakota Muscle Relief is right for me? Dakota Muscle Relief comes in a roll-on applicator, or a spray. The roll-on is perfect for adding a little massage to sore spots, but works best if you have a friend to help reach the common aches and tension that occurs on backs. The spray works better for quickly reaching a broad area by yourself.

Use Dakota Muscle Relief before bed, after physical chores or a work-out, or whenever the weather (or the mood) causes muscles and joints to tense, cramp, or ache. Start feeling better overall, and don’t let little problems turn into big ones! Make sure that you have Dakota Muscle Relief at home, in your camping/hiking bag, and in your gym bag.

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