Stressed ManIt’s been a stressful year for everyone. Last week we talked about breaking out of the cycle stress can stick you in.

But all over social media, people are still talking about experiencing the side-effects of stress, including IBS, high blood pressure, insomnia, and weakened immune system (the short way of saying a lot of people have mild colds and such this week).

Start by fighting back against stress, since it’s the root cause. Then, go after the symptoms:

You don’t have to have inflamed bowels for stress to cause digestive troubles, but for those who already have gastrointestinal woes, stress can really trigger trouble that’s hard to get back under control. To calm and soothe your guts, start with what goes in them. Whole fruits and vegetables will be better for digestion then a lot of the comfort foods that go hand-in-hand with stress, like sugar, caffeine, and other mindlessly munched empty calories. Then give them aid with a probiotic. A probiotic food like yogurt is a great start, but you can push it further with Colon CLNr, which has both probiotics and herbal/nutritional support for bowel walls.

A cup of caffeine-free tea like our Jiaogulan can replace some of the comfort foods that might be drawing you in, and it has another benefit: cardiovascular support. Stress is rough on your heart and blood pressure, so poor a to-go cup of hot tea and take a stroll through the crisp autumn air. You get cardio supporting flavanoids and more from the tea, a bit of heart supporting exercise, and, either some down time that can be quite meditative or some time to chat with a friend; both support heart and mind.

If the stress of 2016 has helped ruin your sleep, try our tips for fighting insomnia. The number one thing you can do? Make a sense check-list for your bedroom. Dark, quiet (or white/nature noise), fresh smell, soft sheets/good support, clean mouth is one pairing for sight, sound, smell, touch, and taste. Following through knocks away most of the headliners for poor sleep: too much screen time before/in bed, lights from charging phones disrupting melatonin production, your body struggling to digest a midnight snack. If you’re still stuck, try natural, non-addictive sleep aids like our Sleep Support Pack.

Finally, stress can really upset your immune system. Don’t let it compound with an illness, make sure you’ve got colloidal silver for some everyday immune support!

What are your best stress busters? Let us know in the comments:


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