Human Brain w/ ThroatThere are now two suspected ways that Type 2 Diabetes contributes to problems like dementia.

The first has been known about for a while: Type 2 Diabetes causes blood vessels to constrict. This used to be the only known reason for the increased risk of dementia for people with Type 2 Diabetes (there is also an increased risk of stroke).

The second is a newer discovery—people with Type 2 Diabetes lose brain volume faster as they age. While brain volume loss is a normal part of ageing, people with Type 2 Diabetes are losing about 2 extra years for every 10 they have the disease. And grey matter in particular seems to be affected.

Grey matter is important: it’s responsible for memory, decision making, emotions, muscle control, seeing and hearing. Scientists aren’t sure of the exact mechanism, but suspect that it has to do with the brain having trouble with excess sugar. Another possibility is that low blood sugar levels contribute to brain loss.

Either way, you’re better off keeping your diabetes well controlled, and best off if you can get enough control of your health that you cure your diabetes! Try Glycemic MGRx to help support your body at managing your blood sugar levels, along with a healthy diet full of antioxidants (especially blueberries, which support grey matter!).

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