Woman With ColdWhether you already own a nebulizer and aren’t sure when to pull it out, or are curious about what they are and what they do, here’s a useful list of sometimes you might want to pull a nebulizer out.

-Before Bed

There might be quite a long list of times you want to nebulize before bed, but here are the top two:

If you’re feeling sick and want a better night’s rest. Even though it’s maybe the number one thing to do when you’re sick, it can be hard to sleep.

Sometimes it’s that tickle in your throat that’s a harbinger for the week to come, and you lie awake wondering what tomorrow will bring (a runny nose? Sore throat? Full-blown cold or flu?). Others, you’re already sniffling, sneezing, or coughing and without extra support it’s only going to get worse.

Nebulizing before bed when you’re sick can help to prepare you for a better night’s rest by providing moisture and extra support—or if you’re getting sick the feeling that you’ve done something for a better tomorrow.

Or, if there’s any sort of travel involved. If you’ve breathed in all that recirculated airplane gunk, or changed climate, or if you have visitors who are bringing all their germs with them, or hitting your local tourist attractions to pick up what’s germinating in your own city.

Then, you might want that extra boost just on the odds that some bug has made it’s way too you. Nebulizing before bed is great extra support when you need it.

-When You’re Home Sick

Or before work, if you don’t get sick days. Whether you’re sniffling, coughing, or feel it coming, give your lungs extra support. Why your lungs? If you’re coughing, it’s pretty obvious that some extra moisture and support will help (oh that moisture when you’ve been hacking is such sweet relief). But even if you just have a little nose drip or throat scratch, it’s good to get ahead of it with some lung support.

Why? Most respiratory illnesses slowly progress towards your lungs. When you show up to your doctor with a cold, and they say go home and rest, they mean it. Your body needs to use all its strength to fight back the cold/flu/minor ailment lest it get in deep and land you in the hospital.

And a good thing to do while you’re resting is go ahead and run your nebulizer. Set it up and be a vegetable in front of the latest Netflix release, or your favorite book, or while you brew some tea. Being sick goes better when you can “actively” support yourself!

-Or Just Pull You Nebulizer Out Preemptively!

After (or even before) the big holiday party, the busy outdoor event, or when word passes down the grapevine that the other school kids are sick (even if it’s just your coworkers kids). It’s pretty easy to figure out when 80% of these things are coming down the pipeline straight for you.

When do you nebulize?


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