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Do You Have Natural Norovirus Resistance?

Stomach Trouble
Stomach Trouble

Some people may be lucky and have a natural resistance to some Norovirus strains—it all comes down to your blood type. For everyone else, protect yourself from Norovirus this winter with frequent hand washing and immune supporting colloidal silver.

Norovirus is a virus that causes stomach flu and is most active during the winter. It’s super contagious—when you’re infected, you spread lots of viral particles and it only takes a few to infect someone. Norovirus can be airborne, and vomiting spreads the virus 10 feet in front of you and 7 side to side. Cleaning requires the strong stuff to actually disinfect surfaces.

But if you have type B blood, you might have some immunity (although results vary based on the particular strain of Norovirus). The oligosaccharides that are on your red blood cells are present in your stomach, too, making Norovirus attaching and infecting either easier or harder. So some lucky ones may be able to avoid or get milder infections!

Symptoms of Norovirus resemble food poisoning—diarrhea, vomiting, fever, fatigue, and related symptoms like nausea, dizziness, chills, and aches/pains.

Avoiding Norovirus is tricky because of how contagious it is—unlike food poisoning, it can be airborne if you’re around someone who’s sick. Handwashing, cleaning, and immune support are your best defense. With multiple evolving strains, you can get Norovirus multiple times, so don’t let your gaurd down.

The immunity you may get from getting over a bout only lasts about six months, so Norovirus remains a yearly concern. Wash hands frequently and keep up immune support with colloidal silver.


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