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Ease Winter Muscle Ache

Calf leg crampCold weather can cause muscle cramps, but that’s no reason to get out, whether you’re outside getting some exercise, playing in the snow, or keeping your sidewalk clear.

While a soak in warm to hot water is a great way to thaw out, there are other ways you can gently ease the aches and pains in your muscles, or just help them stay relaxed all night long so you can sleep better.

Stretching, as a regular routine, can help. Sorting through the differing studies on stretching, doing it consistently to stay loose, limber, and balanced (if you’re doing yoga) is more effective than just doing it before you work out (which can cause an accident and injury if you’re not used to the range of motion it gives).

Massage helps, too. If someone else is providing it, it will even stimulate your mood and boost your immune system thanks to the exchange of microorganisms and release of chemicals. Just make sure to drink lots of water, since massage can let toxins loose, including inflammation that might be causing stiffness.

For natural muscle pain relief, try Dakota Muscle Relief. It doesn’t have the medicinal smell you may be familiar with from other spray and rub on muscle products; instead, it offers a minty burst that starts to dissipate quickly, so you can go on about your day (or night). Dakota Muscle Relief offers hot/cold action to help muscles release muscle cramps.

If you’re doing it yourself, the spray can help reach your back or offer quick coverage. But the pressure of the roll-on is nice on knots.

You’re not prepared for winter until you’ve got relief on hand for the muscle aches that cold weather and winter fun bring with them. Make sure you have some Dakota Muscle Relief for cold, cramped winter nights.

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