Young Looking Older WomanResearchers are really starting to explore aging. Not (just) for vanity, but because age really ties our entire health together, from gum health to heart health, to organs like kidney and liver, how good your metabolism is, how strong your are, how fast you can think, blood vessels for the brain, and, of course, telomere length.

Those are some of the factors researchers measured when they calculated someone’s “age” not by years on the planet, but relative to what they expected to see per year on the planet.

While the majority of people will age “normally”, some age more slowly (you know, those people who don’t look like they’ve aged a day since you last saw them), while others will age much more quickly—looking much older than their age, or acting much older than their age (staggering up stairs, beginning to have memory problems). Next, researchers are going to try and pin down the differences between the three groups, and work to help everyone age more slowly, and avoid the health problems that come with age.

What do we know so far?

Stress is a huge factor for aging! It shortens telomeres, meaning your life-expectancy, and wears down all your parts.

If you can reduce your stress, you’ll improve your health. And if you’ve been stressed for a long time already, don’t worry, you can turn it around. Meditation has shown pretty amazing results, but if that sounds daunting, just try and make time for yourself to decompress on a regular basis.

And look at the list that researchers are looking at: you can tackle many of those in your day to day health. For example, maintain gum health by flossing, brain health with mental exercises (learning a new language, a variety of puzzles, etc.), and overall health by exercising.

And include lots of antioxidants in your diet by eating an array of fruits and veggies. Or cheat and take a capsule superpacked with antioxidants, like Longevity Formula.

Antioxidants support your heart, liver, and more. While most people focus on just their skin and how old/young they look, what’s going on inside is impacting your age, too!

What makes you feel younger?


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