With a growing body of research, there’s not much doubt about the health connections all through the body, especially when it comes to major organs like the heart and brain. With a dementia epidemic looming as American’s age, researchers are looking for ways to help prevent dementia. Exploration between the heart and brain may have found a path: protect the heart, and you protect the brain.

It’s as simple as this: as heart function becomes impaired, it’s not pumping blood (and the oxygen and nutrients it carries) to the body as well, and this may have a noticeable impact on the brain, which requires a lot more energy and support than we generally realize.

By keeping the heart healthy, you make sure the brain always has what it needs, and doesn’t get extra wear and tear from the heart’s struggles. Heart health monitoring may be especially important for people at high risk of dementia or who are already showing signs.

You don’t have to wait for things to go wrong, though. You can start protecting your heart health today. Exercise helps strengthen your heart and increase blood flow (that’s probably why even moderate exercise like walking has been shown to stimulate creativity), and good nutrition supports your heart, and gives it something to pump to your brain.

To make sure you’re getting all the best things in your diet each day, take a heart supporting supplement like Mito Cardia. The antioxidants and other nutrients make sure your heart is getting all the support it needs to keep itself going, especially if you use more resources exercising!

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