Do you or don’t you need to take a multivitamin? Some voices yell loudly at us: “Humans don’t need multivitamins! Just live a healthy lifestyle!”, but that’s a pretty narrow view of the world—a privileged view from having perfect health, good genes, and so much access to a variety of foods they don’t see anybody different.

The truth is most of us need the benefits of a multivitamin, and hard data agrees: most people are suffering at least one nutrient deficiency, most commonly Vitamin D, calcium, or B Vitamins. And because of that, many doctors recommend multivitamins, sometimes for reasons as simple as “being a woman”, “being a growing child”, or “being over the age of 45”. We (almost) all need to take a daily multivitamin! But which is the best multivitamin for getting the benefits of a multivitamin?

A Multivitamin is a Nutritional Safety Net

Here’s the big benefit of a multivitamin: it’s a nutritional safety net each day, no matter what the rest of your day looks like. Skip a meal/intermittent fasting? Cheat day that’s less than healthy? Or even if you eat healthy, but can’t control where/how your food is grown (almost everyone)?

A daily multivitamin gives you all the basic nutrients you need—things that might be missing even from healthy foods if they weren’t grown in rich soil (ever had bland produce? Guess what gives it flavor? Nutrients!).

No matter how healthy you eat—or don’t, the benefit of a multivitamin is having a safety net with all the basic nutrients your body needs.

Physical Benefits of a Multivitamin

Even the most inactive of us receive the physical benefits of a multivitamin. If you’re alive, your body is replacing and repairing cells, your immune system is using resources to keep you healthy, and your brain and heart are chugging away. For all the work your body is doing, it deserves the benefits of a multivitamin!

For those who are more active, they’re just using more nutrients—and layering in more with a good daily multivitamin keeps them going strong. The antioxidants from a multivitamin benefits muscles, joints, and more, while minerals help with overall balance and rebuilding.

Mental Benefits of a Multivitamin

People never think of the brain when talking about things like nutrients, but of course your brain gets the benefits of a multivitamin, too!

Whether you just want to sharpen up, or want to support an aging brain getting your daily dose of nutrients is an important step!

Your Gut Benefits from a Multivitamin

If you follow health headlines, you’ve probably seen that our gut bacteria influence our health far beyond the gut including what foods we crave, our mood, and other habits! Our guts benefit from multivitamins, too!

Healthy nutrients like you get from a good multivitamin help set the tone for our gastrointestinal flora. Every healthy step, including taking a multivitamin, helps our bodies establish a healthy bacteria colony that in turn supports our health.

The benefits of a multivitamin help our gut the most when paired with exercise, good sleep hygiene, and other healthy foods like fiber, lean protein, and fruits and vegetables. 

To Get the Benefits of a Multivitamin, Take the Best Multivitamin

Unfortunately, not every vitamin is created equal! Some, no matter what the label says, have been found by independent testing to be mostly made up of cheap calcium.

The best multivitamin has a wide range of nutrients, and pairs well with other multivitamins so you can customize your intake, getting the best multivitamin for men, or the best multivitamin for women, or the best multivitamin mix for any health concerns.

What is the Best Multivitamin?

Vita One is a high-quality daily multivitamin made with only fresh ingredients. It’s made to pair well with other vitamins from the Welltrients line of Vitamins, so you can customize your nutritional needs. To get the benefits of a multivitamin, it’s important to take one that’s actually got vitamins and minerals!

The Best Multivitamin Benefits Everybody

Vita One is a good multivitamin for everybody. It covers the nutritional basics, while allowing room to add other multivitamins so you can get the benefits you need… whether that’s supporting heart health, health as we age, or health for our gender.

For an even broader nutritional safety net, get Vita One in our Welltrient Trio, which includes Mito Cardia (heart targeted support) and Triple Strength Antioxidant. Start each day with the best benefits of multivitamins.


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