Creativity ConceptWhen are you feeling creative? If you’ve ever tried your hand at painting, writing, drawing, or just playing around with colors, you probably realize creativity doesn’t happen when you’re staring at a blank screen or piece of paper. Or creativity can be outside—seeing the perfect golf shot, the perfect play on the field, or the best trick.

When you find yourself stuck, there’s actually a really simple activity that research has shown boosts creativity 60% compared to sitting (and staring): walking.

You can really say walking gets your juices flowing! Your creative juices, your lymphatic system, your cardiovascular system… While it might be just another reason to add to the benefits of getting up and out, it’s a great tip to keep in your pocket when you’re feeling stuck. Even if you have a less creative job, clearing your brain with a short walk can be helpful to keep you clear-headed and efficient.

I do have a follow-up question I’d like to see researched. Are walking desks as stimulating, or does scenary play a part?

The research gives new ground to #SneakyExercise, too:

-If you dread the whole “take the stairs” thing, (which tops pretty much every list of getting more movement in your day), think of it as getting your brain going, rather than focusing on the exercise aspect. Useful whether you’re going to work/an appointment, or just home (when you’ll want to be relaxed from the day).

-If you need an excuse for sneaky exercise, make it a creative boost, instead. A walk to count different types of flowers, a hike to find the most inspirational view, puttering around the house instead of sitting and staring waiting for inspiration. An outing to clear your mind for new ideas.

-Allot some of your creative time as inspiration time, grab a notebook, voice recorder, or internet connected phone/tablet, and take notes while you walk, hike, jog, run, whatever feels right. Work over your plan for a new project, and make sure you have a way to remember all your brilliant ideas when you get back.

-Or, maximize the time you’re already active for a mental boost. When you’re walking along the golf course, or during practice for something else, try just focusing on the movement, to let your mind wander and create rather than chatting a friend. See if it gives you new ideas to improve your game.

Give your creativity an extra boost:

Make sure you eat healthy—fruits and berries and great for supporting your brain (get a big berry antioxidant boost from Longevity Formula), and sleep is critical! During sleep, your brain refreshes itself (as well as performs some critical body maintenance).

Colloidal gold has also been shown to boost creativity (as well as memory, focus, and more). Support your brain against writer’s (/artist’s) block by taking it everyday! Just make sure it’s a pure colloid, and has no ionic particles (ionic gold is clear).

What’s your inspiration?


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