You may have seen it in the news: the story of a man whose Alzheimer’s Disease began to reverse when he started eating coconut oil.

Diagnosed with severe Alzheimer’s, his wife started giving him a big scoop of coconut oil in his morning oatmeal. He began testing better, and in a couple of months, was able to resume tasks he had not been able to accomplish in over a year (see the story in the video below).

Why coconut oil? Ketones. One of the theories behind Alzheimer’s is that it is a kind of “diabetes in the brain”, and denies the cells of the brains glucose, starving them so they die off. Ketones, found in coconut oil, are an alternative source of energy for the brain, and may allow it to start functioning again.

Coconut Oil Is FANTASTIC

Even if you’re not trying to counteract Alzheimer’s Disease, coconut oil is great to have on hand. Literally—it’s great as a lotion. It doesn’t absorb as quickly as chemically formulated ones, but it works faster to restore dry skin.

Coconut oil also supports good cholesterol. You can easily incorporate into your diet by subbing it in for other fats, or be adventurous and make up a few Asian dishes.

Prevent Alzheimer’s!

Even better than reversing Alzheimer’s Disease is preventing it. Study after study has shown that the more you exercise (and we’re talking consistency over intensity) the lower your risk for cognitive decline.

Finally, you can support your brain function with MesoGold, which is reported to improve memory as well as mental acuity.

Have you or someone you’ve known tried coconut oil?


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