You do brain exercises, aim for 30 minutes a day of activity, and make time to relax—in heat, with sleep, or just decompressing. But are you neglecting your joints? Do we need to be exercising them too?

Maybe, according to some studies. Joint problems are more common than diabetes and other conditions—and everyone is at risk of some loss of mobility with age. There’s a school of thought that we should be taking care of our joints to encourage and maintain mobility, and to ease the tensions of age, arthritis, and other diseases.

Talk to a health care provider about what’s safe for you—besides conditions related to chronic inflammation, some people may find they have undiagnosed hypermobility and other uncommon issues lying undiscovered.

There’s lots of joint care exercise programs, and one could be right for you. You could go traditional, and use yoga to aid range of balance, or you could try something new, like kinstretch. When it comes to joints, don’t jump in with both feet. Start small, and listen to your body. Drink water and plan for lots of rest (and if you’re doing some new stretches, don’t go right into other workouts).

Support your joints with colloidal gold as a daily supplement. It’s reported to help with arthritis and support joint health. Soothe aching joints with Dakota Muscle Relief to get natural, fast relief. And make sure to have plenty of antioxidants in  your diet to support joint health (or choose and antioxidant rich supplement).

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