Outside Creative InspirationAs the weather warms up, you might be experiencing the call of the great outdoors—which is good, since being outside usually means being active, and exercising is great for your health!

What’s often overlooked (especially in the moment, when joints, muscles, and even feet might be aching) is that all that movement is really good for your brain, too, and in multiple ways!

Exercising strengthens your cardiovascular system—that means strong, sturdy veins that will get a lot of blood to your brain, especially as you age. More energy getting to your brain means (or so estimate scientists who ran the experiment) a reduction in types of dementia associated with the brain not getting enough nutrients.

Exercising and being outdoors have deeper effects, too. Your body is meant to be moving, and getting that going kickstarts all sorts of good processes—releasing endorphins, absorbing Vitamin D from the sun, it’s a real mood booster.

And thought is stimulated. Whether you’re running, walking, or taking in the scenery, your brain is working in a way that it might not be at other times. A study recently found that creativity was most stimulated by walking/running. I’ve seen people guessing—runners estimating that yeah, they’re bored so their minds work in overdrive to entertain them, and others talking about it being a naturally stimulating activity (think the primal part of your brain being on alert for prey/predators)—I think it’s a combination of both! Another study recently weighed in with classroom research—kids learn more when not confined to a desk!

With all those benefits for the taking, make sure you’re maximizing them:

-If you’re motivated to be outside because you’re trying to change your figure, don’t do a crazy crash diet. Instead, redefine what you eat to “healthy and normal”, with enough calories to feed your brain! (What’s the use of more blood flow if your blood sugar is low, anyway?).

-Add an extra boost to kickstart taking it in with colloidal gold. Colloidal gold is reported to support mood, creativity, hand-eye coordination, memory, focus, and more—all things that going outside supports, too. So get some extra support from colloidal gold, because getting out and exercising is more than just body health, it’s brain health, too!

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