Start the New Year with a Natural Energy Boost


energetic-runner-womanSkip the quick and jittery rush of caffeine this New Year, especially if you’ve got insomnia, or get crushed with fatigue when the caffeine wears off. Instead, support energy (and more!) with colloidal gold.

It’s not the same high-energy burst as caffeine. It’s the sort of energy that comes from what’s described as a clearer head, sharper eye, and faster reflexes. Colloidal gold is even reported to boost mood (and is being studied for other forms of health support throughout the body).

If you’ve yet to try colloidal gold, give it a go and see if it can help you meet your goals in 2017, whether they’re athletic, mental, or about getting more done.

Looking for more ways to naturally boost energy?

Change the shape of how you eat. A traditional American diet is sort of like a pyramid built over the course of the day: a quick breakfast (maybe even just coffee!), a small lunch, some snacking, and a huge dinner. But that’s not the best way for you to digest food, and is killing your energy.

If you want to stick with three meals a day, flip that pyramid. Put energy into a large breakfast (and the more food groups you include, the more you’ll kick start digestion for the day, helping with stomach troubles and nutrient absorption). Or kick tradition, and prep your food so that you take in small meals over the course of the day, which helps keep your metabolism, and your energy, going steady. (And it goes without saying that processed sugars and other junk foods can also lead to energy spikes and crashes, while a transition to more veggies will create change in a few weeks).

Don’t underestimate sleep. Everyone should fall into the 7-9 hour range, more might be your immune system might be working overtime, less and you might need to figure out what’s blocking you. But after that, you might want a nap, too. A power nap (or even a full afternoon snooze) can completely change the second half of your day, and some studies think worker productivity

And exercise, especially in the morning, will boost your energy (even if it’s intense).

However you’re planning your New Year, get some support with Colloidal Gold.

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