Sometimes, the most productive thing you can do is unwind. No one is immune to it (if you think you are, you probably already have mental health breaks in your routine). Supporting your mind and brain helps keep your physical health up and makes you more productive. If you’re ready for a mental boost, start your day with colloidal gold.

Whether you’re calling into work, leaving things for tomorrow, or scheduling a day for doing nothing, that mental health day may be critical to your health. It’s well known by efficient workers that sleeping on it is the answer to many problems. Rather than staying several more hours to grind through a problem, go home, unwind, and come in fresh the next day, ready to finish it in 5 minutes. It’s a small mental health break that makes you more efficient at your job, while keeping you happier, healthier, and more satisfied.

Sometimes a stressful period can culminate in the need for a full mental health day to clear the slate, so to speak. Signs you’re starting to burn out include a lack of focus, creeping symptoms of depression, stress in your personal relationships, fatigue, headaches, and other signs of stress. Further along the road to burnout you may notice you’ve lost healthy habits like an exercise class, personal time, until eventually you’re not sleeping enough and only eating fast, unhealthy meals—and possibly showing other symptoms of stress like frequently getting sick. That’s when you take a sick day and schedule proper time off in the near future! Then get your good habits back on track.

Keep your mental health in good shape by making it a part of your routine. In addition to sleep, good food, and exercise, make sure there’s regularly scheduled “me time” to recharge your engines.

And for an added boost, start each day with colloidal gold. It’s reported to boost memory, mood, focus, and more.

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