People want sharper focus, better memory, and increased concentration, as well as improved hand-eye coordination—and they’re looking to apps to do it. But research doesn’t support gimmicky apps as the best way to hone your mind—so what’s the best way to get a mental boost?

Apps may not be useless, they’re just limited. Playing solitaire makes you better at solitaire, not necessarily work or golf or conversation. Some games may help you flex your brain and stretch your memory, but there are some things to look for: a variety of activities, no cheap rewards (which are more likely to trigger addictive behavior than improved brain function), and increasing complexity/difficulty (but not in a way that can be bypassed by buying cheats).

Better than an app and more screen time are some absolutes that we know improve or maintain brain function.

Watch your cardiovascular health and get regular exercise. You’re not getting far without oxygen, energy, and nutrients making their way in abundance to your brain. Doing as little as taking an easy walk has been shown to boost creativity, and the reason is likely that you’re boosting the blood flow to your brain!

You are what you eat. Nutrition is important, it gives us the building blocks to heal, repair, and maintain our bodies… but it also shapes what kind of gut bacteria we have, which it turns out is critically influencing our minds, from mood, to motivations, and more.

Instead of apps, consider investing in a hobby—like a sport, craft, or side job that works your mind and body the opposite of your daily life. You’ll both exercise your brain and get more out of the experience!

If you want an easy boost to support your bigger habits, try colloidal gold. Colloidal gold is reported to enhance memory, focus, concentration, mood, and more. If you need to strengthen your brain for work, sports like golf, or just day-to-day life, try a small amount of colloidal gold each day for a month and see a difference.


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