Happy enior Couple WalkingA study in Colorado has shown that 90% of people with Hepatitis C are going untreated. In Tennessee, they’re seeing an uptick in cases among high-risk groups (including untreated prison populations). And Baby Boomers account for 75% of Hep C patients—and it appears they’re under-tested (and subsequently undertreated).

In addition to all that, there’s still an ongoing fight between patients and their insurance companies about getting the new, expensive, Hep C cure. While there are numerous treatment options available for Hep C, the best aren’t available until patients are extremely ill!

Not tackling Hep C doesn’t just affect the individuals, the more than 1% of the population who have the disease, it poses a public health problem. Hepatitis C is extremely virulent—risky behaviors (certain types of sex, needle use, etc.) are highlighted because they’re a sure-fire way to share such a disease. But Hep C (unlike HIV and other viruses) only needs as little as ONE virus (versus hundreds) to take hold, and the wound it spreads through can be so tiny it’s not even notable.

In simpler words, Hep C can spread through a shared toothbrush, razor, or other intimate tool. It can lead to outbreaks that affect hundreds, even thousands of patients when there’s a hospital error.

But not everyone exposed to Hep C gets Hep C. And some people successfully live with the disease much longer than others. (Hep C is “silent”, quietly causing infection until the liver is so damaged you have to notice, and need more extreme treatment). What’s the difference between patients? Immune systems!

Once you have Hep C, your immune system is always a bit weakened, because there is a chronic infection that it’s trying to fight off. Other factors: poor nutrition, poor sleep hygiene (getting enough sleep at consistent times), another illness, smoking, and drinking can play a part at slowing the immune system down and stopping it from keeping the infection at bay.

If you’re stuck waiting for treatment, taking care of your immune system should be priority one. And take note, drinking doesn’t just weaken your immune system, it hits your liver (the source of the infection) hard, too. In fact, a study has just come out showing that drinking alcohol speeds things along quite a bit.

For more immune support, try colloidal silver. Support your immune system as it pushes against a Hep C infection, as other infections try to sneak in, and as you live your life!

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