Why Pets Need Extra Immune Support During The Summer


Dog Stealing Pretzle PicnicChances are your pets are having just as much fun as you this summer hiking, picnicking, and playing in the sun. But all that excitement means they need extra immune support, too.

What might your pet encounter this summer? Well…

Many people like eating outside and grilling during the summer. You wouldn’t be the first pet owner to throw Fido an extra hotdog, or to forget there was food out and have a dog get up on the table. Just like humans can get sick from eating food left out for hours, so can dogs—and it will be worse, since they’re not really meant to eat potato salad/brownies/etc.

Or, sometimes pets can get away from us on a walk or a hike. Most are amazing animals that find their way home (and having them chipped can help), but in the mean time, they might be having a little adventure, foraging for food and water, and that food and water might not be from the cleanest sources (and if you’re pampered pup is used to the best dog food? Not such a good combination).

Even in your own yard, your dog might get lucky and catch a bird, especially with so many sick with bird flu (and easier to catch).

And especially this summer, watch out for ticks and mosquitoes in your yard. Pets can catch Lyme Disease, West Nile, and heart worm from the buggers. You can take steps to reduce them in your yard by removing spots with still water (including old water in pet bowls, natural spots where rain collects, etc.), and keeping pets out of tall grass.

And one more thought: just like with humans, problems with pet food like Listeria are more likely to crop up in the summer!

So give your pets extra daily immune support for all the summer fun you’re having. Add a small amount of colloidal silver to their water bowl for a daily boost. It’s worth being prepared for all the things that can happen during an adventure.

What are your favorite activities to bring pets along on?


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