Studying OutsideWhether spring means exams, golf, hiking, or deep cleaning and organizing, gather your focus and get ready.

There are a lot of factors that contribute to your ability to focus: it’s not all brain training! So get out from under the clouds of winter, and shine yourself up for spring:

-Meditation. I’ll start here, because it’s not just for your brain—studies have linked it to better heart health, longer life, lower weight—pretty much any positive health outcome you can think of.

And it’s simple, because you can personalize it to whatever is right for you. Visual people can close their eyes and mentally recreate their favorite painting. Or you can do math, play with words, list cities, anything that requires singular focus.

-Body Care. Your brain can’t focus on higher tasks if it’s trying to manage your body without everything it needs: sleep, nutrients, exercise (which boosts creativity!), and just overall health. Try and get a complex task done when you’re fighting off a cold—it will take ten times longer.

So make sure that in addition to all the basics, you’ve got some immune support to back you up.

Then try some tricks to enhance your focus:

-Consistency. Reusing a scent, or a type of music can help (basically) re-enforce brain pathways so you can recall something easier. For instance, if you’re studying, do it to a classical composer, then listen to it again before going into a test. Practicing golf? If you’re heading to an indoor training center, bring some fresh cut grass scent with you.

-Take breaks. Really. Businesses have poured lots of money into researching what makes employees productive. It turns out, Microsoft Solitaire wasn’t as damaging as you think—employees who play games and take regular breaks were more productive, and got more done over the course of a day. You might not convince your boss of that, but you can still apply that advice to your own life.

Similarly, work in rhythm with your natural moods. Certain times of day you’ll get more done than others—make those times to sprint, so to speak, and put the breaks (or just switch tasks) during the lulls.

Finally, you can support your focus, mood, hand-eye coordination, memory and more with colloidal gold. If you need a little something extra, try daily colloidal support!

What are you focusing on this spring?


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