Exercise At Home To Support Your Health


In most cases, the simplest exercise is the best exercise. For the average, healthy person it only takes a little bit of exercise each day to support good health, and you can exercise at home!

In a study printed in Medical News Today, cutely titled “Walk Faster To Outwit The Grim Reaper”, researchers found that aging men over the age of 70 who walked at least 3 miles per hour had a lower mortality rate than those walking less than 2 miles per hour.

Easy exercise workouts are better than nothing, and like other studies before it this one further supports the idea. Exercise at home, while completing errands, or while on the phone, and it’s better than sitting around, so much so that to get results.

Of course, talk to your doctor about the exercise workouts that are right for you, and how to move around more while still being safe.

Here are some ideas for those who want easy exercise workouts:

  • Pace while on the phone rather than sitting at your desk.
  • Walk briskly when completing errands, and remember that you burn about 7 Calories when going up stairs.
  • Stretch in the morning and throughout the day to encourage blood flow and to remind yourself to move.
  • For the best exercise at a slow pace, try to take at least 10,000 steps a day, the average recommended amount.
  • When you exercise at home, make it into a game and include family members: when you make exercise social, you’re more likely to do it.

How Do You Incorporate Easy Exercise Routines Into Your Day?


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