Losing The Fight Against Childhood Obesity

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Man BikingSan Francisco banned toys in fast food kids’ meals, New York has now banned sugary drinks over a certain size. But is the war against childhood obesity, and American obesity in general, going well?

Nope. According to a new study, messages that shame or guilt overweight people, (like telling them what they can’t have for their own good) results in low self-esteem, which stymies efforts of self-improvement, and can even lead to backtracking like binge eating or giving up habits of healthy eating and exercising. Kids, especially, tend to backtrack when teased. We need to refocus our public health efforts regarding childhood obesity.

The best way to lose weight is what’s right for you. It’s unrealistic to expect to accomplish marathon training-like exercise day 1 of dedicating yourself to improvement. It’s also unrealistic to expect to give up processed sugar or your favorite snack in favor of carrot sticks and low-fat dressing immediately.

No, for each individual the best way to lose weight and lead a healthier lifestyle is whatever step they can take, a little each day, to be healthier and feel better about themselves. Rather than giving up junk food cold turkey, for example, eating a banana first can be a good step.

Studies have shown that even moderate changes, like being more active each day rather than starting a full exercise routine, can have long reaching effects. And once you’ve picked up a few good habits, they tend to snowball as feeling good about yourself, and feeling good in general lead you to discover more steps along the best way to lose weight for you!

Banning things has a horrible track record every time it’s attempted politically. So ignore the negative messages, and find one thing to do today that supports your health, helping you feel good physically, and mentally! Even if you’re not overweight, there’s always something you can do to improve your health.

What one thing are your working on for you best way to lose weight/feel healthy?


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