Fix Your Diet Post Thanksgiving


If you splurged this week (or maybe are still splurging on leftovers) you might be worrying about fixing your diet, or continuing to lose weight.

At an exerted pace, you’d have to exercise for 4-5 hours to work off the average Thanksgiving dinner! The best plan to fix your diet and lose weight is to spread out the calorie loss over the coming weeks:

-If you don’t already, try and work in thirty minutes of exercise a day—plan around it, or work it into your routine (walk to errands, or try adding standing, stretching, and squatting into your movements).
-Replace a meal, or a few snacks, with fruit or veggies to cut out calories and get your body to burn the Thanksgiving feast it absorbed off. (You could also try adding vegan protein powder to some juice for a snack or a meal).
-Be choosy: the coming weeks will likely have holiday parties, office treats, and other temptations. Stick to your favorites to limit the indulgences.
-Try a vitamin based weight loss pill, like Super Slim NRG.
-Balance the heavy, slow days like Thanksgiving with days of activity: go skiing, sledding, hiking, or whatever is available in your area.

How do you continue your diet through the holidays?


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