Have A Healthy Turkey Day


TurkeyTry these traditions to encourage a healthy feast this year:

-Make real cranberry sauce. It’s super easy. The first year I got my mother to do it, she still insisted on setting out the canned kind, thinking people would balk at real cranberries. At the end of the meal, there was an untouched cylinder of cranberry goo.

-Play, don’t watch, football! The Kennedy’s made it a thing. As long as it’s warm, tuck some clean napkins in your back pocket and play flag football. You can work up an appetite before dinner, or stretch and burn calories after!

-Try to limit yourself to one dessert. I know, I know, pumpkin or pecan pie? Grandma’s cookies or Auntie’s fudge? The great thing about Thanksgiving is all the leftovers, so you can spread out the sugar-y love! (But I won’t tell if you cheat and give breakfast and lunch a dessert, too!)

-Don’t fast. Your turkey feast may be more a combination of the noon meal and dinner, but don’t skip breakfast in anticipation (or because you’re busy cooking). Bring a healthy appetizer to the gathering, grab a quick lunch, anything, just don’t let your metabolism drop.

-Leave plenty of time to digest before bed. It’s hard on your heart to have all that food sitting in your stomach needing to get digested when your body is supposed to be resting!

What are your healthy traditions?


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