If You Only Follow One Diet Rule, Follow This One, Says Researchers!


FiberMany people struggle with the multitude of dietary advice they receive on a daily basis. The American Heart Association has 13 guidelines, including things like limiting/eliminating sugar and alcohol. For people with “bad” diets, it can be overwhelming.

So here’s what one group have researchers have concluded: you can follow just one step, and do a decent job of losing weight, AND lowering your blood pressure and blood sugar levels. Bonus? It involves eating more, so there’s no huge sacrifice to start out with.

What’s this magic tip?

Eat more fiber. That’s fruits, veggies, and whole grains.

I think the brilliance of this can be broken into three parts:

-First, there’s the nutritional value: your body is going to work better when it’s getting the additional nutrients that fruits and vegetables provide, and the bowel movement that additional fiber provides (diets full of preservatives and other junk are likely to cause slow digestion. Or really really fast digestion).

-If you make sure to get your additional 30 grams of fiber by eating it first (a snack of fruit, a salad before dinner, etc.) you’re more likely to fill yourself up on the good stuff and less likely to get around to a second helping of dessert.

-Overtime, as you eat more fruits and veggies and they become a larger part of your diet, you’ll start to naturally crave them instead of processed, artificial foods. This helps to create change and long-term weight loss rather than short-term fad weight loss!

…And that’s it! One step… eat more fiber. Then you get all those health benefits, and are more likely to stick with it and succeed then someone making a dozen changes to their diet at once! You don’t even have to replace dinner with a salad, just eat a salad with dinner!

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Have you ever tried this? What are some good high fiber recipes?


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