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The number one cause of death in America is heart disease. A whopping 2 out 3 people have at least one risk factor for it, which means you’re probably susceptible too if your parents or grandparents suffered from this condition before they died premature deaths due to their illness being never caught early enough! And while we can’t always stop what happens when our bodies break down—that’s why taking care today may make all the difference later on down
the line.

The number of people with heart disease is staggering, and the problem seems to worsen. You likely have multiple risk factors for this severe illness which makes taking control over your health difficulties, even if it’s something as simple as taking an everyday supplement like Cardio CVS Complete!

Many who don’t probably have multiple risk factors. Genetics, diet, exercise, the make-up of your probiotic colony—and possible viruses may make taking control of your health very difficult. With heart disease a rampant problem, every little thing you can do for yourself helps, even as simple as taking a daily heart-supporting supplement like Cardio CVS Complete.

Have you been ignoring your heart? It’s time to start taking care of it!

The key to a healthy lifestyle is small steps. You probably know what you should be doing, but going full-force can help get things off the ground and make them more sustainable, so start with something simple like sitting less during work hours or taking hourly breaks from your desk instead of coming back refreshed after each break outside!

Take small steps to support your heart, and it will add up. You probably already know what you’re supposed to do, but you don’t have to go all-in when you start.

Exercising more can start as simply as sitting less. Taking hourly breaks to move around helps stop blood from pooling and forming dangerous clots, helps circulate lymph fluid, and stretching and moving any is better than none for your muscles, heart, and more.

Eating better is easiest when you start with more— more vegetables. Start each meal with colorful vegetables to get a variety of nutrients and fiber, and fill up a little by eating starch/sugars and fat.

A few tweaks here and there may seem insignificant but taken together will add up over more extended periods.

Make time to care for yourself—that’s the hard part. Sleeping as much as you need allows your body to reset and your immune system to do its thing (sleeping too much isn’t inherently bad, just a sign that maybe there’s something else going on). Find healthy ways to relieve stress since stress hormones harm your heart. And speaking of hormones, if you suspect a problem, get them checked. Besides all the typical risk factors, all the chemicals in hair, skin, and processed foods mess with hormones and may trigger problems.

Change can be as simple as starting with a heart-healthy multivitamin.


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