Woman In PainAccording to a small study, women who take a regular Vitamin D supplement experienced less pain from the fibromyalgia, and found themselves more functional. The idea from the study was based off the fact that many fibromyalgia sufferers have low levels of Vitamin D in their bloodstream.

Of course, fibromyalgia isn’t well understood—there’s no set cause or cure for it. Most likely, it’s a catch-all for many different underlying problems, and Vitamin D is just one. Which means, there is probably a subset of fibromyalgia sufferers for whom Vitamin D is just what they need!

A supplement isn’t the only way to get your Vitamin D, you can get some sunshine and let your body make your own. BUT, if you’re having chronic health problems, a Vitamin D supplement is a good safety net. Different altitudes, longitudes, etc. can all affect how much sun you get while outdoors. Too far north and you may not be getting enough, too high an altitude and you may get plenty but end up burnt to a crisp. Plus, even the outdoorsy folks get lower Vitamin D levels during winter months when the sky is overcast and you need to bundle up.

Other possible causes of fibromyalgia include undiagnosed chronic Lyme Disease, cold sores, or even sensitivity to WiFi!

Luckily, there are lots of natural ways to reduce fibromyalgia pain. As the new study suggests, however, you may want to cover your essentials first—the answer could be as easy as filling a nutritional gap!

-Take a good daily multivitamin.

-Get enough sleep. (Make a log of it—you’d be surprised how many people get so busy they don’t notice they’re only sleeping 6 hours or less).

-Make daily time to unwind. Let the tension out, and let your brain free itself up. I’m a firm believer in the mind-body connection, and in physical connections to mental problems.

-Support your immune system with colloidal silver—maybe it just needs a little boost! Chronic inflammation can be hard to diagnose, but is actually a fairly common American problem. With many possible causes, it could be doing quite a bit of damage if left untreated, so make sure your immune system is ready to stand strong against it!

Share your thoughts below—are there other tips we missed?


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