Senior Couple EmbracingIf you’ve ever suffered a cold sore, your risk for developing Alzheimer’s later in life is doubled—and that correlation is supported by several studies.

Even if you rarely have outbreaks now, the virus is likely to re-emerge with age as your immune system weakens. Not only will you be dealing with the fire of outbreaks more, but there’s a risk the virus could spread. The theory is that Herpes Simplex could be infecting the brain, which is why the risk for Alzheimer’s is greater.

Luckily, this means we will have new ways to prevent and fight Alzheimer’s.

First is keeping your immune system strong, and doing more to support it as you age. You might have already figured out that certain behaviors—lack of sleep, stress—trigger cold sore outbreaks. That’s because those things weaken your immune system. So do not eating right not exercising, and other health basics.

So stay on top of the basics! Exercising is easy—a half hour to an hour a day of walking completely counts. It’s not all being a gym rat or joining a group exercise class full of fanatics. Just be sure to work harder as your body gets used to it—walk a little faster each week, or add weights.

And eating right is easy too! The trick is planning meals in advance—so the easy options, which are usually fried, processed, and lack nutrients but have tons of calories—don’t win out when hunger strikes. If you want a safety net, be sure to take a daily multivitamin.

As far as sleep goes, build good habits, like skipping caffeine after two, exercising early in the day, and following a general routine. If you still have trouble, try these insomnia tricks, or take a natural supplement.

The give the basics a boost, with immune-supporting nano colloidal silver! Use it as a daily immune boost, and double up the support if you feel an outbreak coming on or are dealing with stress on your immune system from other places.

Next, make sure your cold sores are under control. Try to keep it from spreading to other body parts during outbreaks (wash hands often, cover up any weeping wounds).

Then—support your brain! A lot of the things that support your immune system, like eating right and exercise, will also support your brain. Other things that may help include coconut oil (theory goes it provides an alternate energy source to feed your brain), and using your mind—think sudoku, reading, catching up with old friends, and maintaining hobbies and interests as you age.

Share your brain supporting tricks in the comments!


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