Do you feel like you’re taking too many pills each morning? Are you choking down a whole handful? (The best way to swallow them, by the way, is to look down—counter-intuitive, but it works.)

Replace the handful with one REALLY good multivitamin, like Welltrient Vita One.

Here’s the challenge: compare your grocery store bought multivitamin with Welltrient Vita One’s label. If you’re taking the recommended 3-4 low quality vitamins, you can probably replace it with ONE Welltrient Vita One.

How’s that? There’s NO fillers (like stearates, a type of trans fat). It’s filled with a wide-range of nutrients, and there’s as much crammed in as possible.

Not only that, but they’re the highest quality ingredients. Welltrients only use fresh and green herbs, and vitamins and minerals in the most easily absorbable form, so your digestive tract will have an easy time making use of them!

Now, Welltrient’s labels often say to take 3-4 vitamins, too. That’s because they’re highly recommended for people who have nutrient deficiencies. Crohn’s and other inflammatory disorders can make nutrient absorption difficult, but Welltrients contains the sort of high quality ingredients the body needs!

Yes, there’s a higher price tag. It’s not cheap to use only the best—but if you replace a handful of cheap daily multivitamins with one Welltrient, the bottle will last longer than those others!

Who needs a daily multivitamin?

Anyone who hasn’t hired a nutritionist to plan their meals, or who isn’t dedicating half their week to planning and preparing healthy meals. To get all recommended nutrients, you need to eat a wide variety of foods at EVERY meal. And that means no skipping/cheating meals because work or life is busy—basically, EVERYONE can benefit from a daily multivitamin!

Start today—order a bottle of Welltrient One to replace your grocery store multivitamin!


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