You need sleep. Without it, you can’t function properly. On less than seven hours sleep your risk of a car accident starts to go up, as your general motor skills and control go down, and your risk of making other mistakes (that may be as big and important to you in non-life threatening ways) shoots way up—your body just can’t function properly on fumes and caffeine.

Some people are great at sleep, others may need a little more help. Our Sleep Support Pack helps you get to sleep and stay there, and offers the nutritional support to optimize that time.

You may know you need 7-9 hours, but still live with the “I’ll sleep when I’m dead” attitude, so here’s something that may change your mind: you can get more from sleep that just a restock on rest. During sleep, your body is majorly cleaning house; it’s why you sleep more when you’re sick. If you’re big on saving and optimizing your time, make sure that your getting support for a better night’s rest, so that the rest part is working well, but also so that your body can do a good job of self-maintenance. That’s where our Sleep Support Pack comes in.

When you’re young, your body works on growing while you sleep, which is why (save a short gap in the preteen years) babies, kids, and teenagers need as much as 12-13 hours of sleep a night. When you finally reach adulthood, your body starts spending more time on healing from disease, rebuilding the body, and doing general maintenance and cleaning on important things like the heart and brain—you may need less sleep, but it’s as important as ever.

You’re actually very busy while you sleep, and our Sleep Support Pack offers the nutritional tools and herbal support to help your body make the most of that time. Don’t let your body struggle through sleep as if it’s an underfunded project, give it what it needs to get the job done each night, like calcium, magnesium, and more.

Make sure that you’re getting nightly support from Nite MGR and Cal Mag Complete in our Sleep Support Pack.

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