Natural supplementsThink you’re saving money buying cheap grocery store vitamins? Taken in by the convenience, or maybe the branding of a store that’s otherwise pretty good to you? You’re just getting ripped off.

New York is saying “no more”—grocery store supplements, which have again shown themselves to not contain the ingredients listed on their label (and in the past have been shown to have random proportions of whatever is in there), are being pulled from New York shelves.

Consumers need to be aware of an important risk from these low quality supplements: they’re often contaminated with allergens like wheat.

And here’s one more thing: compare their label to a high quality supplement, like ours. Not only is our Welltrient line honest with what’s in each capsule, if you pretend for a second that the grocery store lines are honest, too, ours are still packed with more! In some cases, one of our capsules are worth a handful of theirs! (Nevermind theirs are empty!)

Spend less, get nothing. Spend more, get a lot, and better quality, too!

Welltrients contain no fillers (like the trans fat sterate), and are instead chalk full of as many good things as can fit in a capsule. Welltrient Trio costs less than $1.50 a day—and you get a general multivitamin, and antioxidant, and heart support!

Why take a multivitamin at all?

It’s good to have a nutritional safety net. Your body works better when it has a full range of nutritional starting blocks to build from, and even super healthy diets tend to have gaps.

Are you eating an exciting, varied, colorful (because of fruits and veggies, not dye) meal every day? Or do you fall into comfortable habits and meals?

Do you know where your food comes from, and how it’s grown? Some areas have better soil than others, or good soil, but different nutrients. The downside to keeping food local is you may be limiting your nutrient variety!

You can get a rough grasp of nutrient quality by color and taste. Brighter and stronger is better! (Have you ever had a potato grown in rich soil? You don’t need butter, sour cream, or cheese!)

If you haven’t already, make the switch to something worth taking. Order a pack of Welltrient Trio today!

What are your thoughts?


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