According to a global study, moving around more throughout the day is more effective at supporting good health than just going to the gym. The more active you can be throughout your day, the better your heart health (as well as pretty much everything else, since exercise impacts your body from your brain to your toes). It doesn’t mean you should give up on the gym, just focus on building good habits into your day.

More movement doesn’t mean doing lunges down the hallway to work or jumping jacks before lunch, it just means to first stop sitting so much, and to second choose being active when you can. Sitting all day is hard on your heart, and can counteract that hard work you do at the gym. Instead, keep your body moving all day long with standing and walking breaks. Until you get into the habit, try using a timer until you internalize the habit (more frequent, like every 20-30 minutes, is better, but every hour is a good start).

What do you do when you get up? Just walking around for a minute, or even just standing and stretching in place, is ok. A little light exercise is even better, and can be as simple as a quick chore or physical task. If you can vary up your work habits to include physical exercise, then even better (standing during meetings keeps them short, walking while you brainstorm boosts creativity, and you can break up mental blocks by switching tasks and going somewhere else for a minute).

A common way to start being more physical is to get around on foot more. Choose places close enough to walk to, or make walking hobbies (hiking, malls, museums, or just grabbing a coffee) a regular part of your week.

If your body struggled with being more active, make sure you’re giving it support in other ways, too. Enough sleep, good meals, low stress, and if you have aches, try support with Body RLF. While it’s great after intense exercise like a day of skiing or if you sleep funny and feel messed up, it can also support beginners who are pushing their body into new activities. Natural and non-addictive, it’s a good way to help your body after trying some new “exercise” routines (especially if you keep them up all day).

What are the best ways you’ve found to get more exercise in the day?


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