Krill SketchIf you’ve been following the headlines about fishing, fish oils, and the pros/cons of their benefits, you might be feeling a tad conflicted—after all, fish oils have lots of benefits, but some brands have come out as less than reputable, and then there’s that darn mercury risk!

So consider switching to krill oil, specifically, Deep Ocean Krill Oil with Natural Astaxanthin. It’s got a lot of benefits over the fish oil you usually see, including being sustainably harvested (and there are benefits to this, too—you get a better product).

Krill are shellfish, kind of like shrimp—they’re low on the food chain (they eat algae and plankton), which is good since mercury accumulates as you go up in the food chain. In addition to that, the krill in Krill Oil with Natural Astaxanthin is harvested from deep, pure waters, and is independently tested for contaminants.

Krill oil is red with the powerful antioxidant astaxanthin—more powerful than beta-carotene or lycopene, it keeps krill oil fresh, so there’s no need for additives (fish oils often have to add in antioxidants).

And if you’ve ever taken a fish oil supplement, you might be familiar with the nasty burps that come with them. Krill oil is easier on your stomach and doesn’t have as many of the same digestion issues!

Then There’s the Health Benefits…

In addition to astaxanthin, krill oil is rich in long-chain Omega-3 fatty acids, EPA, and DHA. DHA in particular has many health and brain benefits—it’s why fish oil is often recommended—but here it is in a better option, krill oil!

Krill oil supports mood, the eyes, brain (memory, learning, concentration…), heart, and the central nervous system. As a natural anti-inflammatory, it also supports joints, protects against signs of aging, and more.

Of course, people with shellfish allergies should not be taking krill oil. It’s also not for people taking anticoagulants or with blood coagulation disorders.

Looking for something with DHA and more? Choose krill oil.

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