It’s never too late to improve your health. Starting a good habit in your 30s, 40s, 50s, 60s or beyond can still make a difference. Good habits can improve quality of life and slow down or even reverse signs of aging. Just one change can perk up other areas of health, too.

According to a new study, adding in some regular exercise at older ages after a sedentary life can take years off the apparent age of your heart. Participants who regularly performed high intensity exercise for two years improved the health of their heart, making it less stiff and processing oxygen better, which improved their overall health. Interval training was specifically helpful (where you push yourself to the max for 4 minutes, rest 3, then repeat 4 times—that’s about half an hour a day).

Anyone starting an exercise program should check with a doctor first, especially if they have prior health problems.

Be sure to give yourself extra support when you change habits. Mito Cardia is a heart supporting multivitamin (it builds off of the general daily multivitamin Vita One). With nutrients and herbs known to support heart and cardiovascular health, it helps provide the nutritional building blocks to make big health changes with good habits

Mito Cardia is also made with the most bioavailable ingredients, meaning they’re easy to digest and use. That benefits everyone, but especially people with bowel issues, or just the normal digestive issues of aging.

It’s never too late, pick up a good habit to support your body. Heart health is a great one to choose, and make sure that you’re getting the extra nutrition you need with a supplement like Mito Cardia.

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