Laughing Summer WomanSummer’s a time of glowing skin, good health, and lots of good food and exercise to keep it going. That’s if you’re lucky, and don’t suffer from allergies, or catch an ear infection from water sports, or a sunburn, or any other summer ailment.

It turns out, there’s plenty of reasons to keep your immune system strong in the summer with extra support from colloidal silver.

The Sun is a Double-Edged Sword

A little bit of sunlight helps you make Vitamin D which supports your immune system.

But a day in the sun will leave you tired, which can mean you’re more likely to fall ill as you meander back from your adventure, getting bitten, and feeling the cold of the setting sun on your new tan. Fortunately, you can combat some of what makes your tired.

-Drink more water. Dehydration is a common cause of fatigue, and can lead to more problems than that!

-Eat well. All that Vitamin D you just made? It didn’t come out of thin air—your body had to use other resources to make it. Plus, time in the sun often means being pretty active, so be sure to fuel up with enough calories and a good multivitamin.

-There are more skin changes than just Vitamin D going on, including the kind that spurs (sometimes dangerous) moles. So take care of your skin when you get home—wash off sunscreen, add a little moisture (like from aloe or coconut oil) and maybe spritz some skin-supporting colloidal silver.

Water’s Fun Until It’s Not

Lakes, rivers, and even the ocean might be a little dirtier than they seem. You don’t have to be swimming in muck for bacteria to be present—and recent summer temperatures have proved the perfect breeding grounds.

-The new top tip of swimming in non-chlorinated water is keep it out of your nose. Your nose is a pathway to the brain, perfect for any amoebas that get in. If you think you’re sick after a lake or river swim, see a doctor ASAP.

-If you’re prone to ear infections, keep water out by adding a few drops of olive oil to your ears before swimming. Then, after swimming, clean out your ears with a few more drops—but this time of colloidal silver.

Follow Food Safety

Listeria and other summer stomach flus are no joke for anyone with a weakened immune system. Keep food cold or hot until serving, then keep the window it’s out brief.

If you can’t resist a good picnic (or just a banquet-style gathering) make sure you support one particular part of your immune system: your gut. Yep, your immune system is more than some fighter cells, it’s the good-bacteria that support you against the pathogens you eat. Build them up with a probiotic supplement (or lots of fermented foods).

Keep Control Over Your Allergies

It may seem impossible to do when your nose is running out of control and you’re red and puffy, but you can kick out the thickest mucus with a sinus flood. Getting it out the front is important, because allowing it to drip down the back puts you at risk for a sore throat, or even an infection traveling to your lungs.

And the List Goes On

With all the pressures of summer, including travel, Zika, Lyme Disease, and more, it’s a good idea to keep up your daily immune support. A good rest (even if nights are shorter), attention to how you feel, and even extra daily support from colloidal silver can all help you have a great summer.

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