Your beating heart, thinking brain, and idling muscles (along with the rest of your body) are burning between 1500-2000 Calories per day. And even idle, you’re using up nutrients, too—repairing, replacing, and running your systems. Make sure you’re giving your body good daily support with Triple Strength Antioxidant.

Triple Strength Antioxidant is a high-quality multivitamin, and it’s a good source of the antioxidants your body needs for maintenance. Antioxidants are nutrients that your body uses to balance inflammation. Inflammation is a necessary part of healing and rebuilding—when you exercise, sleep, or have an injury or illness, for example. But without antioxidants, inflammation can become unchecked, and too much inflammation can be like an illness; it’s a distraction for your immune system, can cause premature aging, and more.

Everybody needs a good daily multivitamin to support their bodies. What you eat is important, too, but taking a multivitamin each day helps provide a safety net to ensure you’re getting the basics. An antioxidant-centric multivitamin like Triple Strength Antioxidant helps add balance to unhealthy foods (sugar, fried, or processed), injuries, and other daily sources of inflammation. Too often, we have too much inflammation from bad habits (whether it’s just one or many) or a chronic health issue, and getting extra antioxidants into our diet is especially important.

Build up a healthy lifestyle with lots of sleep (for rest and repair), exercise (for maintenance and strength), and healthy foods as well as extra support like Triple Strength Antioxidant.

And if you’re planning something new this year, your body will be ready with the tools it needs. Get the basics down with a daily multivitamin, then meet new goals.


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