Arthritis In JointsWhether winter weather makes your joints twinge, just means extra work raking leaves and clearing snow, or whether the colder season means a rest from your usual activities, make sure to keep bone and joint health in top shape.

Start with targeted, daily support like Joint MGRx, then build some good habits into your day.

To stretch or not to stretch? There’s a saying that goes: anyone who thinks you don’t need to stretch just hasn’t had an injury yet. Here’s what studies say: the key to stretching is to make it it’s own activity, and studies disagree about doing it before a workout (depends on the activity).

The studies that denounce stretching are cherry picking a little, it won’t prevent injuries like rolling an ankle or knee, but it does reduce soreness and limit injuries to soft tissue.

Consider finding a type of stretching that works for you. Yoga, for instance, has thousands of years of documented benefits. It helps with strength, flexibility, balance, and better posture.

Stretching helps naturally lead you into the next big joint and bone protector: doing activities correctly and with care.

Take time to learn/consider the proper positions, tools, and strategies for any activity you undertake, whether it’s weight lifting or putting flat-pack furniture together.

Here’s the big winter PSA: shovel snow as it falls. Several easy trips to clear small layers is better than digging yourself out when it stops falling, an effort which can lead to overheating, back pain, and even heart attacks.

And don’t forget your diet. While sugar and other processed foods ramp up inflammation in your joints, antioxidant rich fruits and vegetables help protect joints. (Or try Joint MGRx).

Even a healthy, active person can have joint inflammation thanks to increasingly common diseases like Lyme, which can cause lasting damage to joints and organs (another good reason to support your immune system).

Make sure to pack some extra antioxidants and other joint supporting nutrients into your diet each day with Joint MGRx.

What triggers your joint aches? Discuss with us in the comments:


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