Fruit MarketOnce upon a time, humans were able to make their own Vitamin C, similarly to how we now make Vitamin D. As we added more Vitamin C to our diets through fruit and other sources, the gene that was responsible for Vitamin C production (and only Vitamin C production) turned off—our body no longer needed to spend energy on it when we could get it for free in our diet.

Changes in diet from more crops than fish to available dairy have changed small things about humans over time—what we eat really does make up who we are.

And we’ve gotten where we are today from a modern (last few hundred years) diet—in this sense I mean one where most Vitamins and Minerals are widely available. But cut to the last few decades, and modern has morphed into processed junk that may or may not be nutritional, but is at least harder to digest.

As we fight back against the current trends in food for a more natural, palatable, and digestible meal plan, we might not be getting all the nutrients we need. Crops are grown in over-farmed fields, and a lot of less common nutrients are missing. Fish is nothing like it used to be. And everything comes waxed, preserved (even organic fruit is often artificially ripened or slowed) and less than it once was. (I’ll throw out some notable exceptions: you can often find good food at farmer’s markets, and some foods like corn, cauliflower, and others are good recent developments.)

If you want to cover all the nutrients you need—the big ones, and the finer ones—you need to be taking a daily multivitamin.

While lots of sources say you don’t need a vitamin or mineral supplement, they’re just looking at bare minimums. You can survive with borderline deficient Vitamin D levels, for instance, but you’ll notice a big difference in how you feel!

Want to get started with a daily multivitamin? Try Vita One. Or expand to heart health and an antioxidant boost with our Welltrient Trio. Or, go prehistoric with our Immune System Regenerator which carries Humic and Fulvic Acid, which is the nutritious remains of ancient forests.

What food changes motivate you to take your daily multivitamin?


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