Hammer Alarm AClockHappy worst holiday of the year! It’s heart attack Monday, thanks to Daylight Savings!

Today, we all have a 25% increased risk of having a heart attack, a combination of altering our circadian rhythms, losing an hour of sleep, and starting a new work week.

(Don’t underestimate the importance of sleep—if you’re struggling, try our Sleep Support Pack).

There’s a couple of pieces of good news.

In November, we’ll all get an extra hour of sleep, and there will be a corresponding drop in heart attacks—so there’s that to look forward to.

For today, try and rest, and remember that rest comes in all forms.

It’s a good day to skip your cardio routine, and swap in some light stretching. In general, take it easy, and make time to slow things down a bit.

Go easy on the caffeine—don’t compensate for that last hour of sleep by adding in another pot of coffee.

If you can’t get a nap in, try some meditating to get the stress out and relax your brain.

Then plan for a low-key evening.

If hearing about days like now makes you worried because you think you’d be at a high risk, let it motivate you to make some big picture changes!

Weight, exercise, and diet are huge factors in heart health. The good news is that small changes—a few more vegetables, a few more minutes each day walking—add up fast.

You can get extra support from one of our heart healthy supplements, too. Depending on what you’re looking for, you can add a heart healthy habit like a cup of our Jiaogulan tea, or a heart specific multivitamin.

What do you think of Daylight Savings?


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